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Neurological & Rehabilitation Therapy 

With over 12years year working in the rehabilitation field, we have extensive experience working with people with neurological conditions. Our main focus areas are Acquired Brain Injury (including Stroke and Cerebral Palsy), Parkinson's/Parkinson's plus and Multiple Sclerosis. Our breadth of experience means we understands the multifaceted nature of these conditions. We take an active, problem solving and very practical approach, taking the time to understand you, so that we can best help you to reach your goals. ​​

Neurological Conditions
Exercise Physiology

Physiotherapy  ​

  • Physiotherapy assessment and reporting 

  • Functional rehabilitation and retraining 

  • Gait and balance retraining, including high level balance and running training 

  • Upper limb therapy

  • Sensory retraining and persistent pain management  

  • LSVT BIG (evidence based program for Parkinson's and other movement disorders) 

  • Vestibular retraining 

  • Transfer training

  • Carer and family member training 

  • Problems solving 

Exercise Physiology  ​

  • Physical assessment and report writing 

  • Functional rehabilitation and retraining 

  • Strength and conditioning consultancy 

  • Road bike set up and modification for disability

  • Return to community bike riding 

  • Exercise programs and community gym integration

  • Pool based exercise programming 

  • Clinical Pilates consultations

  • Upper limb retraining 

  • Shoulder pain and prevention programs

  • Balance retraining, including high level balance and returning to running training 

  • Lifestyle modification and weight management

Home and community visits

Myotherapy  ​

Nathan's Myotherapy knowledge and skills add value to his clients.

Nathan is an educator who teaches post graduate Myotherapy skill sets, such as Dry Needling, Myofascial Therapy and Exercise Rehabilitation

For information on Nathans post graduate education please contact us.

If you are looking for private Myotherapy consultation please contact us to check suitability.

Home & Community Visits​

Whilst we predominantly see clients in the clinic (where we have access to our extensive range of equipment) home and community visits allow us to provide best practice care.  We provide services within a 20min radius of Tecoma, and are happy to see you at your home, gym, pool or other location.

Please note that travel cost will apply.  

If you are needing a solely home visiting services, please see Our Network 

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