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  • Private treatment area and large open studio space

  • LiteGait rehabilitation treadmill

  • Upright and recumbent (seated) bike
  • Arm cycle and Rower
  • Pilates equipment including Reformer and Wunda chair 

  • Guthrie Smith frame including cable system 

  • Ample parking in our car park off Rose St

  • Private disability car space in our courtyard 

  • Stairs and platform lift to make the clinic entrance fully accessible

  • BodiTrack Balance testing and training system. 

  • Large array of small equipment to create fun, engaging and practical sessions to help you achieve your goals 

  • BlazePods, Balance MATters, ClockYourself, boxing and more (see out Instagram feed below) 

Neuro Rehab Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology